About Clean Wash

Clean Wash pioneered the concept of real dry cleaning in Hyderabad in 2000. It started its operations to provide laundry and dry cleaning services to institutional & individual customers.

Consumers are increasingly busy daily and looking for convenient, reliable, safe, dry cleaning options for their garments.

Clean Wash perfectly fits into this space as the oldest, most experienced, reliable drycleaner in Hyderabad & Secunderabad. Clean Wash has earned an unshakeable goodwill and reputation in the market. It has serviced large number of customers.

Every dry cleaning & laundry activity is performed in-house at Clean Wash and NOTHING is outsourced. This gives the assurance of the proven quality process.

Clean Wash has the right mix of skilled workforce, the latest high-tech equipment and garment–friendly solvents/detergents. Our operations are supported with time-tested & proven methodologies to handle the garments in the best possible manner to deliver outstanding quality to its customers.

At Clean Wash, every garment is inspected in detail during every step of the cleaning process, ensuring every task is thoroughly completed. Over the years, we have achieved perfection in every part of the dry cleaning process to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Clean Wash did not invent dry cleaning but has perfected it. Clean Wash provides high-quality services at value-for-money prices.

Clean Wash has developed a staff training methodology whereby it can train staff quickly and perfectly in its line of business, covering store management, inventory control, customer service and management, billing, and cash management. Clean Wash has successfully built a team at which is highly knowledgeable, motivated, presentable, of high quality and is amongst the best in this segment of the retail industry.

Clean Wash has made substantial investment in building its captive back-end infrastructure, which is an absolute necessity to operate this business smoothly and robustly.

Clean Wash has its own processing and finishing unit at a central location, performing all the dry cleaning, laundry, and finishing activities in-house.

It has built a team to manage all operational activities.

Clean Wash has developed its in-house logistics department which comprises delivery and pick-up vans operated by experienced driver support staff.

About Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Everyone likes to wear clean and neat clothes. Doing laundry at home is a challenging task for most of the consumers. Due to busy lifestyles, several consumers seek dry cleaning and laundry services to care for their dirty clothes.

Dry cleaning and laundry services are emerging as reliable and convenient at a reasonable price as nowadays, busy consumers are willing to pay for their laundry. The growing global working population and rising spending on clothes and cleaning services are expected to fuel the demand for such services further.

The dry cleaning and laundry business has observed a massive transformation in the last few years from washing clothes at home to on-demand services. Due to busy lifestyles, consumers have to work more in less time; thus, they prioritise convenience and increasingly opt for dry cleaning laundry services to smoothen their daily lives.

On-demand laundry services are increasingly becoming popular as they follow an efficient full-cycle approach from booking, cleaning as per consumers’ instructions and delivering washed processed clothes within the scheduled timeframe.