Clothes are one of the basic human needs; they give us our identification and status. Having good clothes alone is not enough, but taking care of them and keeping them clean is necessary too. At Clean Wash Dry Cleaners, we follow an 9-step process through which we ensure that your clothes receive the best care and attention. In simple terms, our process involves:

  • Using state of the art equipment
  • Skilled manpower
  • High Quality cleaning agents
  1. Inspection of items at our store & billing
  2. Detailed inspection of items & sorting at our processing center
  3. Suitable cleaning process, spotting for stain removal as per fabric quality & color
  4. Post cleaning/processing quality check to ensure proper cleaning of the garment/item
  5. Steam ironing, roll pressing /polishing of garment/item
  6. Final quality check before dispatch to store
  7. Quality check at store
  8. Packing & storage at Store - ready for delivery to customer